Saturday, 24 October 2015

EasyHome: A app that will turn your Samsung's Home button to Capacitive touch Button

You don't beleive it right ? So i didn't till the time i was unaware with the real functioning of this app.

Users of all the samsung phones have one thing in common that is the pressing of the home button for full day and trust that is a hell irritating , may be users wouldn't agree to it as they own the device , they invested into it but it is. Instead of it having a capacitive button instead of that physical button would make the job easy and fun, right ?? So here as an app name EasyHome that turns your samsung's home button in to a capacitive touch button and its actually working.
##App will work on all devices releaed in 2014 and 2015

Simply tap the home button (don't press it), and easyHome will sense a home button press. It's faster, silent, and your button won't go out as well. The  pro version is available at $1.69 after which you can also wake the screen by touching the home button.

The app just needs some device administrators permission which is not an issue for sure

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