Saturday, 17 October 2015

How to Disable autoplay videos on Instagram

Hello guys today i am going to tell you about the solution to the most common annoying problem among the users of the very popular photo sharing app that is Instagram that is the Autoplay feature of the videos is this app.
Since Facebook bought Instagram the users of the app has increased to alot number and it ahs gained much popularity among the users of Facebook and of other social networking sites as well.
Isntagram is not same as facebook  It has only option of sharing Pictures and Videos. For sharing pictures Users have numbers of Filters which can be applied before uploadting it to the Social cirlce.
Like Facebook instagram has sharing privacy functions as well.

With the loading of image, since the images are of high quality user notice that the app is consuming alot of data but moreover to it the autoplay video feature takes the annoyance of the user to the other level.
Today I am here to tell you how to stop videos from autoplaying amd save your valuable cellular or Wifi Data
*- Open the Instagram app.
*-click the gear box and open the Options.
*-Under the setting option go to Cellular data use and check on the less data is enaed option.

In case if anyone wants to save more data that user can turn off the push notification option as well.
Thank You.
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