Saturday, 7 November 2015

Best Blogging Guide : Getting Started

Hey people,
Blogging has different meaning for different people,some are doing blogging just to share their views or to share their messages to the public whereas some are doing blogging to earn an extra income. There are various platforms available to start with blogging as tumblr , blogger , wordpress My favourite among these is blogger and the one i personally use as well. Creating a blog is surely an easy but getting visitors to it is not that easy .
##In this post i am not going to tell you how to earn money through blogging but this guide will help you to generate traffic which will bring you money.

1.Getting Started
First thing you have to do is choose a definite platform among the available platforms in which you are interested or you find easy to work on.
2.Getting an Domain
Second most important step is to buy a domain which is attractive and user friendly , like mine is , its unique and userfriendly . You can buy your domain from different available sites but i would suggest you to go 
for .

3.choosing Niche
Now you have to choose your Niche of blog that is about the topic for which you would love writing in your blog,remember to build a link between your niche And domain  thats very important. Like mine is technology , you can go with of your choice.
4.Choosing a template
Now you have to choose a template available so as to make your blog attractive and simple. Dont use template which are much conjusted , simply go with the simple looking template.
Always remember dosent matter you have the best theme available over the internet if your content is of poor quality , No visitors will come again to your blog after visiting it once. So focus less on earning and more or your content quality.
When you think you have successful created a lot of traffic in your blog you can go with the adsense. It usuasally takes a week for google to tell you that they have approved adsense for your blog.

For Steps to create a good and attractive posts see my next article.
Thank You.

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