Wednesday, 4 November 2015

[Download] Sony Xperia Custom Advance power Menu.

Hey People,
So here i am today going to tell you about how you guys can get a advance power menu is Sony Xperia devices.
This mod will work only in Deodexed roms, and you can't run it in Odexed stock roms. download and flash it via
recovery. There is no need of cache's wipe.
Feature of this Mod :-
»Advanced Power Menu With
»Reboot To Recovery
»Fast Reboot
»Patched Services (Superuser Mod)
»Mobile Radio Active Bug Fix
»Power Menu Icon Support Theme
Screenshots :-

Download Link -

»Copy Zip To Phone
»Enter Recovery
»Flash Zip
Thanks to the vadim-shavkunov , |venkat kamesh| , DavidMKD members of XDA team for this mod.

Indroduction to superuser Mod :-
It basically disables the process of signature notifications in your device,So you can install any high end sony apps in the other sony devices which are not preloaded with those high end apps like user can install the app running on Xperia Z5 on their previous version of xperia devices.
Note:-Please make the custom backup of your current rom before flashing.

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