Thursday, 5 November 2015

[Teaser] Vivo V6 : packed with 4gb RAM

Newly launched company ViVo has continued introducing new features of its new flagship vivo V6,
officially confirming that the phone comes up with 4GB RAM and also 4G

The new teaser launched shows that it would be easy to run more apps smoothly in 4gb RAM,boosting multitasking but there is  nothing stated about the other

breathtaking features of this serious smart phone specially the feature
That would be the 1GB of dedicated video RAM, like discrete computer
GPUs have. Till now  smartphones launched around the world  shared their pool of R
AM between the processor and the GPU.
We'd will soon release  official info on the chipset soon, which is said or may be rumored to be a 10-core MediaTek Helio X20. But there is not any  official video showing the Vivo X6 comparision with the
iPhone 6s Plus.
Also the video of the teaser was shot in dark so as to hide the real classy look may be.

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