Saturday, 12 December 2015

[ KINGROOT] How to Root any Android Phone Without PC

Every user now a days prefer to use rooted phone because after rooting your phone you can just go to the depth of your smartphone and make any changes in it.
Before getting into the things about which the post is, let me introduce to the features which you will be able to access after rooting your Android smart Phone :

* Access to the System folder of the phone,

* Access to the Build.prop of the phone.

*Change IEMI number of the handset.

*Change Android Id of the Phone.

*Intallation of Custom Roms and getting your Phone upograded without any official update.

You void your gaurantee if you root your phone.Damages may occur and we are not responsible for it.


Generally people connect their phone to Pc or laptop and root their Phone with the help of several softwares  but what If you dont have a PC ? Honestly i was not having PC when i root my first android handset. You wonder How ? Then let me tell you that I rooted my phone using this Android app called Kingroot . Its 99% safe , trust me ! and works in minutes and gets you superuser installed in your smartphone . So I am going to explain you full working of this kingroot app and will provide you the download link as well.

DOWNLOAD LINK : Kingroot apk


1. Download Kingroot from above link and install the apk file.

2.Open Kingroot and you will such screen on Try to root

4. After clicking on try to root such screen will come 


5.Wait for 5 min so that it can get root access and install super user

DONE! your Android phone is now rooted .