Sunday, 24 January 2016

Apple to comeup with 4inch Iphone 5se with iphone6/6s features

With the Apple Iphone 6 ,Apple jumped into an world of having phone with display larger than 4inch,which end up to be an succesfull move and the Iphone 6 and Iphone 6s are the succesfull and greatly sold phones from apple in the world.

from much time it was rumored that the next phone from apple would be Iphone 7 or somke said it would be iphone 6c but now the resources have hopefully brought an end to it by expecting that the new phone from apple would be named Iphone 5se and with this the apple is again bringing it down to the 4"inch display devices.
But apple may be moving again to to the name of Iphone 5se but the features of the phone would be not less than iphone 6 series or we would say that the Iphone 5se would contain the same features as in iphone 6 and 6s models.

Few features to be expected are menioned below:

1.Rear camera 8mp 

2.front camera 1.2mp 

3.Live photo previews

4.A8 chipset with same Iphone 6s hardware

3.Live photo previews

We dont ask users to beleive the news as it is not yet oficial from Apple's side,but lets keep the fingers crossed.
Tell us in comments would you prefer a 4 inch Device these days ?

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