Sunday, 24 January 2016

March 7 to be Expected Date for Galaxy S7 Lanuch

Since Samsung Launched its Flagship Galaxy S6 last year on April 10 , since then users have been waiting for its next successor that is samsung Glalaxy S7.
                                                       Concept Picture
Rumors about the handset ,Its software,features have been out from a long time but none of the have been made final by the any of the sopkperson yet.

This news of release date as March 7 is not official yet,It is just shared by an reliable leakester @eveleaks on twitter  that the flagship will be most probably launched on March7.

We dont advice anyone to just beleive this news and wait for march 7 ,as its just a tweet from leakster so you dont have to definately beleive it and suffer a heart break later on lol.


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