Sunday, 24 January 2016

Next Nexus to Come From HTC's Bag

Not much time has passed when Nexus 6p and 6 devices has been launched,which have managed to keep up the expectations of the owners who own the devices.Nexus devices have never been made from a single company,Companies like Lg, Huawei have made the nexus devices in the past.

                                Concept pic by Gryves
Its always interesting to know who is going to make the next nexus and for that we are here to share with you news or may be rumour stating that the next nexus device may be made by Htc.
You dont have to directly beleive this news as rumours are not always true and not all news are real,So just takeit lightly and know from below from where this news has arised.

Rumors have arised from an weibo account stating that htc is going to make the next nexus device and the things is not just about one device,its about two,YES! Htc is going to bring up the two nexus device in a single move.The rumour state that Phones will be having 5 inch and one with 5.5inch displays.

there not only end to this here,this news also came up from a Xda member LiabTooFer's twitter account who is reliable htc leaker , which is clearly stated in the posts that two of the next htc nexus devices have code name T55 and t50 .

As not much time has passed releasing the latest nexus devices so cant beleive in any news but if such happens we are going to have some awesome things from Htc's side.

Would you prefer an nexus from htc .tell us in comments below ?

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  1. Not really ,google should stick with Lg and probably Huawei (yes again)