Friday, 29 January 2016

Only 4.5 Million Lumia sold by Giant Manufacture Microsoft

Since Microsoft took over Nokia it was assumed by Nokia device lovers that now they will see some great phones just with the tag changed to Microsoft.

There is no doubt that Nokia has gone into the best hand,Microsoft the company owned by Bill gates,and no one can ever doubt on him.

Coming to our core discussion that Microsoft manages to just sell 4.5 million devices in last quarter of year 2015,yes! you read it right only 4.5 million lumia smartphones from this giant manufacturer,which is definately low as compared to devices sold is the quarter prior that was sale of 10.4 million lumia devices.
This was shown in the Q2 fiscal 2016 earnings report as added below.

this states the drop of about 50% as compared to the quarter in year 2014 .According to the latest Idc report a total 400 million phones were shipped in quarter 4 of year 2015.

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Now lets see what first quarter of 2016 will bring for microsoft ,Hopefully the soon to come Window 10 to smartphones will bring something good in sale for Microsoft.
source: gsmarena

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