Saturday, 30 January 2016

Register Free Domain Name for Your Blog

In this post i will tell you guys about how to register free Domain Name.Today Blogging is not just a experience sharing platform but has became a platform for passive income,i myself use it for a earning process,But just making a blog and writing few posts or many posts makes the blog viral.

The most important thing is to get a attractive domain name.Domain names are not really expensive nowadays as compared to previous time,but still if its free then it definately better,So in this post i am going to tell You about some sites where you can register free Domain Name.
Before I tell you how to register free domain name,lets discuss some advantages to registering a domain name for your blog.

1.Blog becomes more user Seo friendly

2.easy for the readers to directly check out the Blog

#Places where you can register Free Domain Name :
  1.Zoho is the online portal which helps your business in expanding and user can register free domain name like .in and .com

2. Hostinger
Hostinger is the best place if you are building a website of your own because with a premium hosting plan for your website you also register for a free Domain name.

codotvu  is the other place where they give .co domain names for free and from there users can register for free domain name

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