Thursday, 14 January 2016

Transfer Freecharge Credits to Bank Account Easily

Freecharge is the most popular site of online recharges these days due to its great cashback offers and referral system . Most of the users want to transfer their cashback and referral money to their bank account but are not able to find any succesful way.So now in this post I am going to tell you the way through whcih you can transfer your freecharge crdits to bank account easily. 

You Need a Book my Show Account to transfer Freecharge credits to Bank Account

Steps to transfer freecharge credits to Bank Account :
1. Visit Freecharge website here
2. login to your freecharge account using desktop version of site. visit Freecharge card page on get your card and select mpin for your card. save your card details this card can be used at any place for shopping as this has everything which a real debit card has.

6. Download Book my Show android app
7.add money to wallet using your freecharge card.
8.add money which you want to transfer to your bank Account
9.add money succesfully in book my show wallet
10.Now your money from freecharge is transferred to Book my Show wallet
11.Go to my wallet and click on transfer to bank
12.Enter you complete bank etails and click on Transfer
13.Your Money is succesfully transfered to your bank account. For more Updates join our Facebook Group

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