Saturday, 23 January 2016

Whatsapp User Info to get Linked with Facebook

Not much time has passed by when we got to hear that the giant instamessaging service whatsapp has been bought by the biggest social network site facebook for $19 billion ,which was surely a whooping amount for the CEO of Whatsapp.

Though both facebook and whatsapp are owned by the same person that is mark zuckerberg,but in the past two year mark has not tried once to connect a link between facebook and whatsapp .Both the apps are being run alone and are not interlinked to any other with any of the option.

Through some of the tricks,JAVIER SANTOS has managed to create a beta build of a whatapp app which would allow user to link his whatsapp user info with the facebook account,though he said this this is just to make his user experience better,But we think there is something more to it.

As whatspp has dropped down charges for it whstapp service that is user dont have to pay anything to the company to use whatapp for a year or lifetime.So now facebook need some additional data to display better ads to facebook media app.

There too can be new options to ensure users that there chats are secure,QR codes may be used to verify encryption keys with your contacts.

So to the users Whats your take on to this ? Tell us in Comments Below

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