Tuesday, 2 February 2016

6 of the Most popular E-wallets

Digital wallet or an E-wallet is a software that allows to make yourself a prepaid account where you can keep all your money. It can store as up to ten credit and debit cards, bank accounts. Once created you can access your account from your computer or mobile phone. It has turned into one of the easiest and popular ways of payment. With your e-wallet you can pay for any kind of service, you can shop online, you can pay your bills, etc. Nowadays we use our phones for everything anyway, and now it is possible to store our money and even documents in it. 

E-wallets give us a faster and a more convenient and secure way to shop, spend and deal with our money. It is a growing fad, that more and more people choose for it's security, because only you can know the passwords and codes needed to access your money. It proves to be more convenient and a quicker way to shoponline because once you have created your information in order to create the account you will not need to rewrite the same information every time you shop. The information will be transferred via your e-wallet. This is also a great way to send money to people or receive money, even to convert currencies, without having to pay taxes. Having an e-wallet allows you to do multiple tasks while you sit at home and relax. There are multiple of e-wallets softwares that are available but there are some that stand out among others. Such e-wallets are Paypal, Ecocard, Webmoney, Skrill, Instadebit, Neteller  they are used in more than 150 countries, they are available in 15 different languages and use different currencies. They are the most used ones because are more comfortable because of their features and options. Millions of people use one of these e-wallets every day and are managing their money knowing that they are safe. They use them because it is a smart way to process online purchases, payments or withdrawals.


This is an American company and is now the most famous and most used worldwide online payments system. It was founded in 1998 and is one of the oldest online payment softwares. Almost every single online shop has this way of payment in their options, and is used by more than 170 million people, precisely because it allows them to shop from other countries, among all its other functions. It is multilingual software that is convenient for most peoples' payments. By the year 2014 Paypal had a revenue of $8.03 billion.

Ecocard is a British payment solutions provider, founded back in 2000, making it one of the very first e-wallets. It is used by customers and businesses from more than 150 countries and works with 45 currencies. With this e-wallet you can easily access your money on the go – from your phone, you can send money worldwide, you can shop. Ecocard has a unique  web based fraud protector that ensures the safety of its users' information and money.


Is a system for online business activities, established in Moscow in 1998, and was targeted only towards clients in Russia, but now has over 29 million people, and is accessible to people from 86 countries. Thousands of online services and shops work with Webmoney. It is very easy to use and it does not require a credit card or bank account required in order to make an account. Since it does not need bank or a card information, the transactions made with Webmoney cannot be retracted or cancelled, so Webmoney offers its clients several security settings to protects its customers.


Skrill is another e-wallet that is gaining popularity among people and has a revenue of $331 million (2014). It was established in 2001 in the UK and now it is used by more than 30 million people, and operates with 41 currencies. It is used for payments and money transfers with the goal to have lower costs for international transfers. It supports credit and debit cards. Skrill has some special offers to its clients – there is a branded prepaid card that is linked to the customer's account, or a "Skrill VIP" membership account that has several additional features.


This is another one of the most used and preferred online payment methods, because of its convenience and easily created and operated accounts. It was established in Canada but now serves customers from 32 countries. You can very easily make purchases with your Instadebit account, as long as the website you want to shop from has it as an optional way of payment. Instadebit seems to be one of the most used ways for online gamblers to register, pay and withdraw money for their online bets. It has a great popularity among Instadebit casino casino lovers.


Neteller is one more example of the oldest e-wallets available now. It is a Canadian company that has an e-money record with the UK's FCA. It allows people from 200 countries to deal with their global payments. It is available in 15 languages and it allows people from all over the world to withdraw, transfer or spend money from their online bank accounts. Neteller is used worldwide for money transfers and is very popular among the gambling world. A great number of online casinos have it as a payment method, for gamblers' convenience. And it is quite used, by 2014

Neteller has a revenue of $89.6 million  and growing. More and more people are getting into this way of payment and money handling, because of its convenience. It is very easy to create your account, depending on the system – some use some general information, bank accounts and credit or debit card information; some use only your email address.

Thanks to these e-wallets you can shop online free of frustration with all the information and forms you usually have to fill. Now once your information is put into your e-wallet, it gets transferred into the site and your purchases is made faster and easier. You can send money to people worldwide from your phone. It's security is not a problem, because only you know your passwords, most of the information about your cards or bank accounts are only shared between you and the bank, merchants and online shops get only your basic information. And equally with online shopping, we can say that this is probably the most used payment method for online casinos. People from all over the world use this online banking system to withdraw or deposit money for their online games.

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