Saturday, 13 February 2016

Apple Iphone 5se to go for Sale on march18

We got to hear back few days ago that iphone is again bringing its 4 inch display iphone and the name of the device is set a Iphone 5se which will look like iphone 6 but will have the features of iphone 6 whether it be the chipset or camera , the things will be similar to apple iphone 6.

So as we share about the iphone 5se in the past , today we got the news of the launch date of Apple,s new iphone 5se which is set to be as march 18, that means on March 18 the iphone 5se will be availablle for sale whereas we are still unaware when it will be available in all the countries
the interesting part of the new Iphone 5se would be that it will be available in pink colour, with pink dont get confused with rose gold it pink a pink iphone 5se  along with greay and gold versions

If we talk about the specifications of the device,we already told you about the specifications it will carry similar to iphone 6 but then too we have listed the important Specs below:

1.Rear camera 8mp 

2.front camera 1.2mp 

3.Live photo previews

4.A8 chipset with same Iphone 6s hardware

3.Live photo previews

lts see now wthat actually the new iphone 5se will carry inside.

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