Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Galaxy Note 6 may have 6GB ram and 5.8 inch display

News rather Rumour is out from China which state that the Next flagship of Samsung galaxy that would be Galaxy Note 6 will contain a whooping 6GB Ram and a 5.8 inch Display.We know that its hard to beleive a 6Gb ram in an awesome samsung galaxy Note but as rumors are there we beleive there  would be some truth to it.

If we compare the Galaxy Note 6 with galaxy note 5 according to this rumour then galaxy Note 5 was having a 4 Gb ram with 5.7 inch display and that was more than enough for Android Lovers.

Its been back in September 2015 when we heard that Samsung has started producing  6 Gb ram for its models but we havent seen any of the devices by Samsung which are packed with 6GB ram so we can hope that this news would be true and we would see samsung galaxy Note 6 with 6 GB powerfull ram.

As stated by official post in gsmarena The  galaxy Note 6 will also be seen with screen which will be pressure-sensitive with 1,024 pressure points and this technology was last seen in samsung galaxy S2.

Specifications wise Samsung galaxy Note 6 will come with 64 gb and 128 gb internal Memory and 12 mp Camera with Super OIS .Rest wait for the Official News from samsung and take this just as a rumour guys. 

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