Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Galaxy S7 edge to be packed with 3600 mah Giant battery

Galaxy S7 is a like a trend these days and its not a news thing with the galaxy S devices as they have always been a hot topic of discussion among the users before they release .As we shared the news of Galaxy S7 launch date , today we got some news news about the device.

Not much weeks before the Samsung Galaxy S7 is going to launch we have brought a new news about the flagship that the S7 edge variant from the south korean company will have a 3600 mah battery on that with the comparison with galaxy S7 plain variant which is packed with a 3000 mah battery.

The news comes from the FCC where samsung itself has disclosed the news confirming that the S7 edge will have a 3600 mah battery what else you want to beleive this news ?

A 3600 mah battery would definately be helpful when it is said that Users can play 17hours non stop video at full brightness in galaxy S7 device.
So for giving such a feature to this device samsung would have definately given a good battery in terms of specs.
Not just a powerfull battery phone also comes with some awesome features , you can also see the Images of galaxy S7 and S7 edge  . 

Thats all information we have till date will keep you updated once we get to know anything else about the flagship.

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