Monday, 8 February 2016

Hidden Chess Game in Facebook Messenger App

Sometimes discovery just happen and so is this time.One of the reddit users have bden chess game from the facebook messenger app.

facebook messenger has became a popular app among the facebook users , we dont say that rather it is shown by facebook monthly user report which states that facebook Messenger app has 800 million active app users last month , which is defintely a great growth.
coming to the point , this hiddden feature can be a great feature who like to play chess as game or for those people too who would like to spend some time fighting with their friends in this virtual chess game.
As per the info playing this chess game on facebook messenger app is not actually very tough as user has to just enter @fbchess play and the game with start with option to choose the opponent friend and to end the gme you have to just enter @fbchess resign. isnt that simple , it looks so.
So if you are interested in this fb chess game you may  know more about the how to play this fb chess game on facebook messenger app follow this reddit link 

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