Friday, 19 February 2016

How to add Facebook page Like Box in Blogger templates

In this process i will tell you about how to add facebook page like box in the blogs which are powered by blogger not by wordpress. Wordpress themes generally have their self made plugins for facebook like box but in blogger we have to do everything manually.Thanks to Mark Zuckerberg who has now made it very easy.

luckily now users dont have to do much things with the html as it it very simple process of adding gadget.

1.Create a new facebook page or if you already have just open the page in your mobile or desktop browser

2.Now look at the address bar of the page loaded,copy the full adress of the page and save it in notepad so that you dont have to do it further if you lost it.

3.Now go to this link of facebook developers page

4.Enter the Copied page url in the first box and enter he height and width of the box you would like to display on your blog ,you can also choose if you want to show your cover photo of the page or not.

5.when done! click on get code and copy the HTML code given by the facebook and now its time to put this code in your blogger template.
6.Now go to blogger and click on layout on Add gadget and Slect HTML/JAVASCRIPT from the Options, you can add the code at any place of the blog

8.paste the Html code copied in the step number 5 and save it.

DONE!! you have successfully added Your facebook Page box in Blogger Template   

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