Sunday, 14 February 2016

How to recover Deleted Chats on Whatsapp for Android

If You are reading this then you must have accidently deleted your whatsapp messages and now have gone crazy and searching for the method by which you can Bring back your those memorial conversions back to your whatsapp.

Usually whatsapp makes the backup of your current chats daily at 2 am , the backup of the previous day dosent go any where rather they gets renamed to backup with the date of backup when they were created .

When you scan during the signup at whatsapp the whatsapp scans only the backup with the name " msgstore.db.crypt8 " . A whatsapp folder can store only one backup with this name.
Whatsapp message are stored in the Databases folder inside the Main Whatsapp Folder in your Sd card.

If you have deleted your whatsapp account then also you will lose all the previous backups of your data in that case you need to scan the sd card with some recovery tool and get back the deleted .crypt8 files . Remember there is no way if you have deleted whatsapp account because Chats once recovered recovery tool gets corrupted and perform  Unsuccessfull backup but then too you can try this for your satisfaction

Any ways if you are not able to recover your chats because you have deleted then here is a way to restore them

1.Clear the data of the Whatsapp app or you can try unistalling and doing a fresh install.

2.Go to Whatsapp folder in sd card and serach for Data base folder.

3.inside data base folder You will find several backup files with every name ending with .crypt 8

4.Now you have to choose the date of backup which you want to recover.

5.After you have choosen the backup rename it to "msgstore.db.crypt8"

6.If you have any current backup with this name delete it

7. Once renamed go to whatsapp and create account one prompt up for Recover Backup click Yes restore now and wait for the Messages yo restore.

From the next time before you perform some delete make your you go to Setting » chats » Backup and create the current backup and then move further.

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