Sunday, 14 February 2016

HTC One M9 by T-Mobile to get marshmallow Update this february 16

There is a good news for the users of people who own a Htc One M9 bought from T-Mobile as the device is going to get the marshmallow update this tuesday that is on February 16 2016.
you must be wondering if this is a rumour but let me make it very clear that this is not a rumour as the device is actually going to get the Marshmallow update Android 6.0

This news about the update is not leaked rather the news is made public by none other than Vice president of HTC'S product management Mo versi @moversi on twitter which sates that HTC one M9 will get the Marshmallow Android 6.o official Update this tuesday.screenshot of the twitter post is provided for users below:

As stated by  gsmarena the update has been given approval for rolling it into the HTC One M9 devices and the Update will soon roll out for all the T-Mobile's Htc one M9 device , we cant promise all users that they will get the update on tuesday but as we said we have a official date so users can expect the Update few days Prior to february 16.

The marshmallow Update has already been given to the handsets which were sold in Us and the handsets sold by sprint and now its coming for the handsets sold by T-mobile.So for the users of htc one M( purchased from t-mobile get ready to embrace Marshmallow soon.

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