Saturday, 6 February 2016

Iphone 5se to Come in Pink Colour variant

Its been long time Since debate about the name of the name of the Apple iphone's next flagship and finally the decesion came to an end deciding that Next Iphone will be 4 inch named Iphone 5se  but nothing much to this by said any of the authorities.

Users who have just got excited about this news have something to know more today ,I dont this would be shocking or exciting but rumors have came that the next iphone 5se would come in Space gray colour accompanied with the beautiful gold , but the news is that it will also come in Pink colour variant.

A pink colour variant in an iphone ? This is the question in everybody's mind.

Iphone battery problems though got this solution but lets see what 5se is bringing for us.

A report from japan cities have compared this with the running pink colour Ipod which will help users to guess of what the 5se will look like.

So stating this the features iphone 5se will hold are:
1.4 inch display

2.A8 chpset

3.8 mp rear shooter and 1.2 mp front shooter

4.Bluetooth 4.2, Wi-Fi 802.11ac an Nfc chipset same as Iphone 6s


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