Saturday, 13 February 2016

Microsoft Lumia 535 starts rolling windows 10

i heard from one of my friend who is obviously and windows phone user that window 10 update for Lumia devices would be something that the users have never seen,I wont say that He was right as I have still not seen the window 10 update in any device but news of the Not much old microsoft smartphone device lumia 535 has started receving window 10 Update.

Yes,Microsoft Lumia 535 has started receving the window 10 update in the middle east ,the update has been noticed by the Lumia 535 users in egypt and Jordan and is actually being confirmed that the device has got the Window 10 update.

We dont have much information about the device related to other information of the window 10 software update,Its just a news from few users that the device is getting the Update .

though according to reports the older devices of the lumia phone will too get the Update begining from early to mid february.Lumia 535 seems to be on time getting the Update and for the Other people living in other places are expected to receive the window 10 Update Soon.

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