Saturday, 20 February 2016

Official Marshmallow Starts Rolling In MOTO E 2nd gen

Previously at the very beginning when android Marshmallow was introduced and the devices which would gt the Update were revealed at that time only the MOTO G devices were present in the list excluding the Moto G 1st gen and the MOTO E series but in later year at the end of the 2015 Motorola changed its plan and included Moto E nd gen to the list.

And now as the Moto E 2nd gen was in the list , it has started getting official Marshmallow Android 6.0 update for the Models in India.

Usually all the motorolla devices which were present in the list of Devices which were said to get official marshmallow android 6.0 update have got the Updates which include moto X devices and Moto g 2nd gen and 3rd gen devices and now with the rolling of Marshmallow in Moto E 2nd gen update have winded the full list of Motorolla devices with marshmallow Android 6.0

As per the news the official marshmallow update for Moto E 2nd gen has started rolling in India and it is expected that the devices in other Countries will get the Updates soon.If you own a Moto E 2nd gen then keep patience and get ready to welcome your Moto E marshmallow Update Android 6.0


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