Saturday, 27 February 2016

[Review] Switchgads - Buy and Sell like Never Before

Are you the one among the people who like to buy and sell old their old gadgets Online ? everyone does that but selling your gadgets for a fee doesnt seems to be a good move.People usually sell their gadgets online at ebay and pay a handsome amount of selling fees to the ebay ,for them Why dont you try , its a huge online market for selling and buying Android ,Apple and other gadgets and that too without giving any seller fees,yes you heard it right,not a single penny will be charged while selling your used gadgets,moreover they give a complete security and a no risk guarantee to the users.what else can we expect in this online market where every online company charges selling fees ?

If you still have some second thoughts about the switchgads then here is the Complete review of this Online selling portal 


As mentioned above switchgads is an online market place for selling your gadgets like apple,android and android wear and tablets as mentiones by the site officials "SwitchGads is a marketplace for buying and selling mobile devices as well as other electronics such as apple laptops. Electronics with bad ESN’s, IMEI's, cracked screens, water damage are not allowed on this site. We are a team that loves all aspects of the electronic world. Why should you have to pay a hefty price or risk buying in person for something you love? Buy and sell safely here on SwitchGads. "


To be really very honest when i entered for the first time into the website i was amazed to see everything in such a simple order as compared to other online selling portals where most of the space is used up by the advertisements and moreover those irritating popups,but here at switchgads at the Top they have given the Option to select between the different device carriers like T-mobile,verizon,sprint etc which would make easy for customer to navigate to their particular zone of the gadget they are willing to sell or if they are willing to buy some.And then at the mid of the website they have added the several popular device with the number of listings present added along which would make it easy for the Customer to identify if the desired product is available or not.The overall look of the site is very descent and is overall very user friendly.


Yes you heard it right NO selling fess for selling your old gadgets at that too at a large market place as compared to other online portals.
Giving selling fees for selling your own gadgets actually dosent brings up much profit for the owner and in case you are regular seller and buyer of the gadgets then its definatley not good to give high selling prices for selling your gadgets and for that scenario there comes switchgads which provides are the services at a no selling price and more over gives a risk free Experience. 

we personally had a Discussion on why to use switchgads ? towhich the owner and Founder of Switchgads smartly replied "From a numbers aspect, your saving money when you sell on our site. For example, you sell 3 devices at $500 a pop on eBay and they will charge you $150 in final value fees just for selling. Our site would be free to sell no matter how much you sell your device for. Craigslist seems to be the alternative because it's quick, face to face, and you get your money upfront. Problem with that is your putting yourself in a dangerous situation for getting mugged, or even killed with all these Craigslist stories going on. We make it fun by making it free to sell, safer to sell, and all around easy to interact with potential buyers. Those are just a few reasons why you should review our site. We are sure your audience would enjoy using our site to buy and sell their mobile devices or apple laptops " 

Payment method provided by switchgads is paypal which is great in my personal opinion as payments by paypal are hassel free and quite easy to transfer .so in case you dont have a paypal account then go and create one,its quite easy to setup .Check out full info on this at switchgads


Yes you dont have to worry about the damaged or teared devices as it is clearly mentioned at switchgads that each device listed on switchgads is internally checked by the staff and is completely safe and damage free in every prospect ,So no worries of Damaged devices too.Sounds great ? 


So looking at all the positive features we have:

1.No selling fees at switchgads

2.Internal checkup of all devices

3.Easy payment mode that is paypal

4.Risk free buying protection  

So what are you waiting ? Got something to sell ? logon now to 

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