Monday, 15 February 2016

Root Samsung galaxy Note 5 without Pc by SuperUser Su

In this post you will learn about how to root the recently launched Samsung galaxy Note without Pc easily with the help o Superuser Su.The process which we are going to tell about how to root galaxy Note 5 is very simple you just need to follow the steps carefully and your Samsung galaxy Note 5 will get rooted easily without PC

What is Superuser ?
superuser is the tool made by the team chainfire which will give the root access to the device and is very essential to perform root tweaks.With Super user you can have a complete over you android device.

Some Important features user get access of after rooting their Android galaxy Note 5

*Access to the System folder of the phone,

#Access to the Build.prop of the phone.

#Change IEMI number of the handset.

#Change Android Id of the Phone.

#Installation of Custom Roms and getting your Phone upgraded without any official update.
Here we have used superuser app by Chainfire team to root samsung galaxy Note 5.

we are not responsible for any damages caused to your device during the rooting process or after the rooting process.we are here only to provide you the trusted ways but if you get stuck somewhere,you are responsible for that.

1.Samsung Galaxy Note 5 device which You want to root.

2.Enable usb debugging in your android,if you dont know how to enable usb debugging check: enable Usb debugging in 10 seconds 

3.TWRP recovery must be Installed

If you dont have Twrp recovery Installed check : How to Install Twrp in any Android by Fastboot

4.Charge your samsung galaxy Note 5 upto 60% battery



Now if you have all the requirements mentioned above check this post for rooting yourSamsung galaxy Note 5

Done ! your Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is now rooted without Pc easily with superUser

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  1. Lol cuz everyone has a custom recovery but not an already rooted device 😂