Friday, 12 February 2016

Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge Prices revealed

So We are back again to add some more news to the running hot topic samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge Devices for the Giant Manufacturer samsung.These news can be rumour as well because they are still not official from the Compnay's but You see every rumour is not just a rumour.

So talking about the Prices the Galaxy S7 is priced at €700 and the Galaxy S7 edge is priced to be at €800.We wont say that this is the real prices of the Device but we can hope so that they can be very close to the actual price and it would not be surprising if these prices cameup as the real price form the Cpmoany's officials.

Well those who dont know any thing about the Samsng Galxy S7 and S7 edge ,for them we have already shared the Leaked photos of Samsung galaxy s7 and S7 edge.

The Samsung galaxy S7 has got a massive battery of 3000 mah is galaxy S7 and Galaxy S6 edge is Packed with monstrous 3600mah battery which allows the user to 17 hours Non-stop video at full brightness in galaxy S7 devices.

The new rumour also state that the Device will only come with 32 gb storage option with expandable storage option.

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