Thursday, 25 February 2016

Sasmung Galaxy S4 Mini Masrhamllow Update by Cm13 Rom

If You got a samsung galaxy S4 mini smartphone and you are waiting for Marshmallow update then there is a very good news for you as now you can update your Samsung Galaxy S4 mini to latest Marshmallow Android 6.0 by Installing the Custom Made Cm13 rom which is an official rom developed by Team Cyanogen Mod and is safe to Use.

This Cm13 Rom is only for samsung galaxy S4 mini [3G and Intl ] Models and not for other Android Devices.

The process of Installaion of the Cm13 rom is Samsung Galaxy S4mini is not very tough ,You have to just follow this post carefully.The Download links for the Roms for both the Models of Samsung Galaxy 4 mini are given at the end of the post along with the Gapps Package.

The rom which we are sharing is currently in nightly stage that means users will get the Updates frequently,But that dosent means rom is not stable , the Updates are just to make the CM13 rom bugs free for a better experience on your samsung galaxy s4 mini

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We are not responsible if you harm your device during the process,the process shared here is safe and tested by us,If you brick or damage your device then in that case we are not responsible for it. Make Sure you have the full nandroid backup of Your data


1.Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini which is to be Updated

2.Make sure your Galaxy S4 Mini is Rooted,You can also >> >>Root Your Android in 5 Minutes without Pc

3.Custom recovery Like Twrp/Cwm is recommended to be installed in samsung galaxy S4
 >>Install TWRP using fastboot Method

4.Make proper Nandroid Backup,So that You dont lose any of your data .

5.Battery should be Charged to 80%,if not Charge it before hand

6.External Sd card to Locate the rom and gapps file 


1.Download the  rom  from the below links to your Samsung galaxy S4 mini

2.Place the rom and gapps files in your external sd card.

3.Reboot into TWRP/CWM recovery


4.Clear dalvik cache and cache data of your device.

5.Click on update by sd card and locate  rom and flash it,In same way Flash the gapps package as well

6.Now reboot Your Samsung galaxy S4 mini

 DONE!! Your Samsung galaxy S4 mini is now Updated to Marshmallow Android 6.0 by Cm13 Rom


Gapps package [Download] 

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