Tuesday, 23 February 2016

[steps] How to Backup your Contacts on Android without any app

Now everyone today is aware of the feature of the android device by which you can make the backup of your contacts on your sdcard and later store them back.Actually till today i was thinking that this commom feature must be known to everyone but then i met a guy who just wrote down all his numbers into a paper and later saved them manually one by one after reseting his Android device , can you beleive tht , restoring hundreds of contacts one by one ? and then i came with the idea of making the people aware who are still unknown with this feature .

What are benefits of making backup of your contacts ?

1.You can easily transfer the contacts from one android phone to other whenever you switch in future,probably you will definately someday.

2.Reset your device freely without any problem of loosing your contacts. 

3.In case you accidently delete your contacts,you have the backup bro

Now lets discuss the wasy by which you can make the backup of your android contacts.


1.Go to contact list of your android phone 

2.Now press the menu Options button , in samsung you can call it the very first touch button with 3 lines one on anoother and on other devices you usually have the 3 dotted buttons.

3.Now you will see the option of import and export,click on that

4.Now choose for where you want to backup the contact,choose the option where you all contacts are stored 

5.Now choose sd card in another step

6.Now choose the contacts you want to make backup of,to save time you can select all at once

7.Now the backup process has started 


1.Select import and export options again

2.now choose sd card in  next step

3.Now choose the .vcf file you want to restore

4.Restoration process has started

I hope you have understood the guide,If there are any questions feel free to ask in comments below. 

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