Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Vivo X5 Play- The first 6Gb Ram phone

Yes you heard it right , vivo company is coming up with the device which will have 6Gb Ram ,though this is not confirmed yet but the news is slightly a strong one and having few positive vibes.Some curvey looks and the Features of the device are revealed in antutu listing and the device has actually scored quite a good points in antutu.

We just heard that samsung galaxy Note 6 will have 6Gb Ram  and it looks like that Vivo has actually planned to make a blast at the market and make a strong hold over the customers by releasing an awesome android phone packed with 6GB ram.Below are the pics captured from Untutu bench

As stated by the clear looks in the picture states that this is an antutu six run but not actually stating that the vivo X5 play will come with 6Gb Ram and the device scored a total  162,160 points in untutu which is a good score for a device.

Not only this few fetures like the Snapdragon 820 soc processor of the device has also been revealed and it is suggested that the device will come with 5.2 inch HD display 

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