Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Xiaomi Mi5 Prices revealed,on Sale on March 1

The very latest flagship from the chinese manufacturer Xiaomi has been recently released in the MWC 2016 along with the devices of other companies as well,Though it is not been yet decided that when the phone will come into the market of other countries as compared to china where the device will be available from March 1 2016.

Coming to the price segment of the devices everything in terms of price of the flagship is been explained in the image released.The prices set by the chinese manufacturer are not high are very good if we compare the features being given to the device to the price being ste of the device

 The Prices of the device is very clear , it is visible that the device will come in 3variants that would be Mi5 pro with Snapdragon 820 [2.15ghz] processor which is set at a price RMB 2699 [$306] and in Indian currency that would be somehow close to 18000 rupees.
second would be Mi5model which would come with 64Gb Internal memory packed with same processor as the Mi5 pro but the prices here are different as it is set at RMB 2299 [$352] and 21000 rupees in india respectively.

Talking about the last but not the least that is Mi5 32 gb model for which the customer has to pay RMB2700[$413] and 24000 rupees in india currency.

The thing about discussion is that when will the device come in foreign market outside china

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