Wednesday, 16 March 2016

5 Minute guide to Increase Ram of Your Android Mobile

Having low ram in an Android Device can be a very big problem for the users as it creates much problem when it comes to multitasking which is the permanent function of Android devices as well as low ram dosent allow users to play high end games which consumes lots of memory.

Now today we will tell you about How to Increase the ram of any android device in 5 minutes just with a help of app called roehsoft expander.The Process of Expanding ramis easy if you go through this guide

Remember to Lookout at the requirements sction carefully and full fill all the requirements properly before attempting the proces of Expanding ram

1.your android device must be Rooted
>>How to Root any Android without Pc

2.Class 4 or upper Micro sd card should be present with more than 2gb storage empty [ recommended by me]  

3.Your Device kernel should Support swap memory and you can check it my installing android app  Memory Info and swap Check
If yes move further

4.Roehsoft ram Expander swap application Installed on your Android Device

1.Download the Roehsoft Ram Expander swap application

2.Grant root access,app will not work if you will deny the root access

3.Click on swap activ button on next page and select your sd card storage to create Swap file

4.Click on Swap Activ button on the next page

5.Follow screen instructions to create swap file of minimum 512 mb and maximum of your choice

6.wait for the process to complete

7.Click on swap activ button on the next page 

DONE!! You are now using the desired sd card memory as your phones ram

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