Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Easy Way to Use Sd card as Internal Storage on Marshmallow Android 6.0

Have you ever wondered about using your sd card as Internal storage on your Android device running on Marshmallow Android 6.0 because now you can do that and that too without rooting your android device or doing any kind of stuff like that because this feature of using Sdcard as Internal Storage on Marshmallow comes inbuilt with the Marshmallow Update , you have to just learn the process of doing it which you are today going to learn in this post

the process of using sd card as Internal Storage on Marshmallow is very easy and can be done in seconds if you know the right thing.using sd card as internal storage can be a good option for the people who lik to play high end android games but have low internal pace or the space is filled enough to store the App data off the Game , in that case The app data can be stored in sd card and use it as Internal Storage

The Android Marshmallow has already been famous for the features it brings it with us like doze mode which helps in extending the battery life along with better design of user Interface and lots of cool features along with this feature of Adoptable sd card which would be great to use

1.The sd card which is used as internal storage should be formatted before using as internal storage and if the same sd card is used in some other Marshmallow device as Adoptable sd card then it needs to be formatted again.
2.This adoptable sd card feature will only work on the Marshmallow devices which support sd card Expansion feature and not on the devices which do not support Sdcard expansion like Galaxy s6,note 5 , Nexus devices etc . So pre check if your Device Supports Sd card Expansion feature

#Steps to Use Sd card as Internal Storage in Marshmallow 
1.Go to Storage  inside Settings in your App menu
2.Select sd card
3.Click on 3 dot menu and select settings
4.Choose Format as Internal in next page and then erase and format
5.Reboot once process is done

You are now using your sd card as Internal Storage

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