Friday, 18 March 2016

Easy ways to Increase Internet Speed in Android Phones

Internet is the primary need for any person these days .Almost everyone person today owns an android device and have Internet service in it for which actually we pay a big amount to the telecom providers but sometimes it happens as the telecom providers may give us a good internet speed but due to some problem in our android device we get very slow internet speed and most of the users are not able to figure out what is wrong with internet,but let me tell you that you are getting slow internet speed because there is something wrong with your android phone and in this post we are here you tell you some trick to increase your internet speed in your android phones by very easy ways:

So Lets discuss the simple ways by which we can increase the Internet Speed in an android phone:

1.Cleaning the cache Data of your Device
Cache is the main reason for any type of lag in your Android phone and it can also be the reason why you are getting slow internet speed and cleaning it may solve up the problem and you can easily clean it by using several apps available in Play Store

2.Choose Network Connection Mode to 3G
You may have setup the option inside your network setting to 2g and there is where the problem rests you have to setthat mode to always 3g and you will definately see a big change in your Internet Connection Speed 

3.Free the Ram of your Android Phone 
Yes if you have low ram available in your Android device then it will affect the speed of your Internet Connection rate,the best way to free up Ram is to uninstall the Unuseful aps from your device and stop the apps which are running in background

4.Fast Android Browsers
Browser is the most important thing on which the speed of your Internet depends different Browsers have different loading speed .We recommend  Google Chrome browsers which is the most downloaded android browser and usually comes up Pre installed in Android devices but users dont use it so it time to bring up the Google Chrome to work
5.Using vpns 
You may be surprised to see this trick but yes Vpns put a great affect on your Internet speed .Some vpns when connected to best servers give excellent internet speed more than the speed generally available by the telecom providers 

So time to try these methods to boost up your internet speed.Do tell us in the comments below which way helped you in getting increased Internet Speed

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