Tuesday, 15 March 2016

How to Install TWRP Recovery in samsung Galaxy S7

In this post you will learn about how to install TWRP Recovery in Samsung Galaxy S7 [exynos] which is best device released by Samsung recently.The process which we will use to install Twrp recovery in samsung Galaxy S7 is fastboot method and you will require a Windows PC to do that.

What is Fastboot ?
Bootloader or fastboot mode gives to freedom to install any partition in the device like recovery,cache etc.It also allows user to install custom .img files .it allows user to Install custom recovery like Twrp recovery.

The Supported devices for Installing Twrp recovery using fastboot method are Samsung Galaxy S7 SM-G930F, SM-G930FD, SM-G930X, SM-G930W8


Users can download the latest version of the TWRP Recovery 3.0 for sasmung Galaxy S7 from the given links, the previous version of the Twrp recovery can also be found on the landing page but there might me few problems in installing the lower versions of Twrp recovery in samsung Galaxy S7 using fastboot method

>> Twrp Recovery 3.0 for Samsung Galaxy S7

Now make sure you fulfill all the requirements listed below before you move further with the Installation Process of Twrp Recovery 3.0 in your Samsung Galaxy s7,We would not be responsible for any damages to your device.


1.Make sure you have a Windows Pc for this process to complete
2.Make Sure you have a Unlocked Bootloader in your Samsung Galaxy S7

4.Install usb drivers of the android device on you Pc

6.Make sure you have 50% battery on Your samsung galaxy S7

Now if you have Succesfull fulfilled all the requirements mentioned above and visit
>> Install Twrp Recovery on any Phone Using Fastboot Method 

DONE !! You have Succesfully Installed Twrp Recovery in Your Samsung Galaxy S7 [exynos] 

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