Tuesday, 15 March 2016

How to Turn off Heads-up Notification on android 6.0 marhmallow in 1 minute

Headsup notifications on android devices may be great looking innovative feature to use but sometimes itbcoms very irritating when every single notification startes popping up on your screen disturbing You from using other applications.

Android Lolipop unluckily dosent have that inbuilt Option to turn off the heads up notifications by Android 6.o marshmallow has this feature within by which you can manually turn off the Headsup Notification feature and that too for any particular application you dont like and keep using for the applications you like to display the headsup notifications on

 So lets see the process of How to turn off the Headsup Notifications in Android Marshmallow 6.0 and upper versions

1.Navigate to Apps list inside the setting of your phone

2.Click on the application you want to turn off the Heads Notifications for

3.Select Notifications option from the next page

4.Now turn off the toggle option in the next screen for Allow peeping feature or Preview in pop ups option in samsung phones running on Marshmallow

5.You have Succesfully Turned off the Headsup Notifications for the apps you want to

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