Friday, 18 March 2016

How to Use Two Whatsapp Accounts in Single Android Phone

Whatspp is the most popular Android instant messaging app which is used by billions of people in the world but some users want to use two whatsapp accounts due to some of their work but they have to carry two whatsapp seperate devices to use two whatsapp accounts.So today we are here to introduce to the latest WhatsappGb application which can be used to use two whatsapp account at the same time in a single android device

WhatsappGb has nothing to do with your original whatsapp account.After installing the WhatsappGb you will be able to See two Whatsapp icons in your appdrawer and you can manually login two different accounts ,one in the official Whatsapp app and other in the whatsappGb app.So lest look at some great features of whatsappGb app slong with the download links at the end of the post

#Features of WhatsappGB issue of account blocking
2.Hide last seen and freeze it
3.Change theme of whatsapp
4.Change deleivery and last seen symbols
5.Change colour of whatsapp notification icon
6.Change colour of Whatsapp icon in drawer
7.See whatsapp status below users Lastseen


#Download Link
WhatsappGb [apk] 

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