Friday, 18 March 2016

Increase your Mobile Internet data by 50 percent

After food and shelter we think the Internet is the most expensive things from mobile companies these days . every user want to extend your data and they try several ways for that including turning off data when not in use and several other practices by which they can extend there data for the month

But now there is a way by which users can extend their data by a very simple pp that is Operamax the best part of the app is that you have to just Install the app and the opera max will do everything by its own

In this post we are going to tell you about the important features of Operamax a data saving app from opera company and will provide you the direct playstore  links at the end of the post:

Operamax-Data Saving App 
1.Opera max comes with an inbuilt feature of blocking the app to use your can just select the apps which you want to restrict the data usage for and those app will not be able to use internet data till you allow them or remove them from the list

2.Operamax connects to the opera server and creates the vpn connection that makes the compresses the data transfer hence using less data as compared to the original data transfer without connected to Operamax 

3.Opermax compresses the online buffering of video from youtube,which helps the users in watching more videos with less consumption of data.

4.Operamax has diffrent setting for both Mobile data and wifi connection,so this app is useful for the wifi users for well as wifi definately comes up for free.

5.Opera max also supports the online music buffering apps 

So now its your time to try these apps and extend your internet data by 50 percent.Do tell us in the comments about how you liked the operamax.  

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