Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Lenevo A6000 Marshmallow Update by CM13 Rom

Lenevo A6000 marshmallow Android 6.0 Update is now available by installing the unofficial Build Cm13 Rom .as we mentioned the Rom Cm13 is currently Unofficial but You can install it if you want to enjoy Marshmallow Update in your Lenevo A6000.As we know the Cm13 rom are based on Android 6.0 Marshmallow so you will get all the features of Marshmallow after Installing it.

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The process of Installing Cm13 Rom is lenevo A6000 is very easy .you have to ust follow this guide properly.The Rom which we are going to Share for lenevo A6000 is Unofficial and may contain few bugs but its upto you if you want to Install it in your phone or not.

So what are you waiting Go ahead in this post and Update your lenevo A6000 by Installing Cm13 Rom.The Download Links for the rom and Gapps are given below.So mae sure you download them from there.

We at techsliper.com would not be Responsible for any kind of damages to your Device.make sure you make the Proper nandroid backup before Hand
[Must]> How to Perform Nandroid Backup and Restore it

#Download Links
Gapps package  
Cm13 for Lenevo A6000 

1.Proper Nandroid backup
2.Lenevo A6000 must be rooted
>Root Any Android without Pc
3.Enough storage space to store Cm13 Rom and gapps Package
4.Battery must be 50% charge
5.Twrp recovery must be Installed in your Device 

#Steps to Install Cm13 rom in Lenevo A6000
1.Download the Rom and gapps package & store it in your Internal Storage / external storage
2.Reboot in twrp Recovery
3.Clear Dalvik cache and data cache from recovery menu
4.Click on apply Update
5.select Cm13 rom and Flash it
6.Once Done Flash Gapps package in the Same way

Done Now your Lenevo A6000 is Updated to marshmallow Android 6.0 by Cm13 Rom

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