Thursday, 24 March 2016

No More Iphone 5s - Iphone 5se Acquires Iphone 5s Series

If we beleive at the official Listing of the Apple websitethen we would say that it looks like company has topped the Sale of Iphone 5s as The currently active models dosent have the iphone 5s rather it is being replaced by Iphone 5se Model

This news may come as a heartbreak who were planning to own a Iphone 5s due to drop in its price but the Company has Replaced it with Iphone 5se which is Price slightly high as compared to the current Market price of the iphone 5s

Below is the listing of the Active Iphone series on the official Website

But this news is not yet confirmed from the apple so we request you take it just as a expected rumour before you loose all the thoughts of Buying the iphone 5s .

Iphone 5se looks completely like Iphone 5s but it is quite a tough guy as compared to Iphone 5s but it is way to far as we said about comparing the Prices of both the Devices

However if You are willing to buy the Iphone and this news comes as real then you can still buy the Unlocked devices from the ecommerce retail outlets like Amazon and ebay 

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