Tuesday, 15 March 2016

[No Root] How to Turn Off Headsup Notification in Android lolipop

Headsup Notification is a great feature brought up by the google in the phones having Android Lolipop or upper versions but sometimes the headsup Notifications can be irritating and disturbing but sadly there is no inbuilt feature given in the android lolipop devices to turn off these headsup notifications .

But here is still few ways to turn off these headsup notifications but disadvantage of this method id that the headsup notifications can not be turned off particularly for any app,you have to turn the feature for the complete device.

The Process is very simple nd easy,You just need to download an android app named headsoff from the play store and rest all things the headsoff app will do by itself.the Download links for the app are given below for your ease.


HeadsOff Android App
[Direct play Store Link]


1.Open the above link and install the Headsoff app in your phone

2.Open the headsoff app and click on the first option 'Start the App' on the left upper side

3.If the Option gets Changed to Stop the App that means you have succesfully Turned off the HeadsUp Notification in your Lolipop Android Device

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