Monday, 4 April 2016

[Steps] Unlock Bootloader of LG G5

In this post you will learn how to unlock the bootloader of Lg g5 the latest phone from Lg.the process of Unlocking bootloader for all the Lg G5 variants is same and they can easily unlock the bootloader using this easy guide.
unlocking bootloader gives you freedom to install cutom roms , Twrp and flash .img files as well.
So lest start with the process of unlocking Lg G5 bootloader.this is a very easy guide to unlock the bootloader of Lg G5.
There are few requirements mentioned below which you will have to follow if you have to successfully unlock the bootloder of Lg G5.We will use a windows pc to complete this process.So lets start with the process of Unlocking Bootloader in Lg G5

#Why to Unlock Bootloader
with an Unlocked bootloader you can easily flash any custom roms and can give a new feel to your device moreover you can directly flash recoveries like TWRP/Cwm to your device and can flash any type of .img file as well.

Remember by unlocking the bootloader you are now ending up the guaranty of your phone and your device will be fully wiped after the process is completed so make sure you make the full backup of your data 

we are not responsible for the damages to your device during the process.

1.You mst have a windows Pc for this Process
2.Usb debugging must be enabled in Lg G5
>Enable usb debugging in Your android device
3.Install Adb and fastboot in your windows pc  [must]
4.Lg G5b Usb drivers should be properly installed
5.Battery must be 50% charged in Lg G5

#Process of Unlocking Bootloader in Lg G5
1.Connect your Lg G5 to computer using usb cable.make sure usb debugging is enabled
2.Adb and fastboot must be installed in pc
3.Now open command promt and pass the below given command  to boot your device into bootloader mode
"adb reboot bootloader" 
4.Now pass the following command once your device is in bootloader mode
"fastboot oem unlock" 
5.Now you have succesfully Unlocked bootloader in your LG G5

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