Saturday, 25 June 2016

Amazing hidden features of Android

Android is a highly customize-able operating system. The user has complete control of their device and can change everything from how the device performs to how the device looks. But did you know there are bunch of hidden options in Android settings targeted towards advanced android users and developers. It's called as the Developer options.

The reason developers options are called hidden options because they don't show up in android settings. You'll have to scroll down in settings to about phone and tap the Build Number 6 times rapidly to enable the developer options.

Android says - "You are a developer now"    Sounds Cool

Here goes the list of amazing hidden features of Android :

1. Mock Location Option

Turn mock location on and now you can fake your GPS location to anywhere in the world by simply downloading an app from play store naming fake GPS - fake location.
Now you can pin point any co-ordinate around the world and then hit on start. Next time when you share your location on Facebook messenger or any other social app, the location what you want will be shown which mean you can be anywhere in the world virtually.

2. Process Stats

This shows you the device memory and the RAM usage and here you can check out what all apps are consuming what amount of RAM on your device. It also shows the current status of your device RAM whether its on the lowest side or at the top. So, if you find an app in the list which you do not use much, you can simply tap on it and from there only you can force stop that annoying app. This will not only clear the RAM and speed up your device but also saves some battery.

3.  Show Touches

It is a very cool little option which shows the touches on your screen which is very helpful if you are recording your screen or you are casting your device display for a presentation.

4. Force GPU rendering

If you are into heavy apps and gaming, it will render 2D objects on the GPU. If you have an app or a 2D game which is lagging on your device then turn this on and it will definitely run smoother.

5. Force 4x MSAA

If you have a high end phone or a tablet with great graphics performance and you play 3D games on it, there is a way to make those games look better. By enabling the Force 4x MSAA option, the games and apps which support anti-aliasing will have a sure boost in performance and will definitely look much better than before.

6. Windows and Transition Animation Scale

Here you have 3 options namely Windows Animation Scale, Transition Animation Scale and Animation Duration Scale which controls the speed of how animation flows on your device. Now by default all of these are set to 1x, if you change them to animation off you can see that there is no animation which boost up your device speed and switching tabs but I'll recommend you to keep it on 0.5x. This will make things twice as fast as they were before and still it will give smoothness of animation effects.

7. Background Process limit

This is basically an advanced option of Don't keep activities (that kills an app as soon as you leave it).
Android is a pure multi-tasking device but too many activities can slow down your device. With background process limit you can set a limit on how many activities you want to keep in the background. I personally recommend it to set it on even 3 or 4 processes. But if you have a very low end phone then you can keep it on 2 processes. Don't set it to 1 or no activities because it will turn your device into a plastic shit - kidding ;-)

Now cool thing about these options are that they are totally safe and it will not harm your device in any way. If any of the option misbehaves then you can turn off the developer options. It is always recommended to turn off your developer options if you are not using them.

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