Wednesday, 15 June 2016

[Breaking] Galaxy Note 7 to have Iris Scanner

Samsung alleged smartphone Galaxy Note 7 is being rumored to have the iris scanner in it. Though there has been this rumour from past much time but it looks like the company is actually loading the galaxy note 7 with the iris scanner for outstanding the device among the competetors and also provide the better security system for the users. With this the samsung will clearly bring the companies having the fingerprint scanner below the south korean manufacturer.

The flagship is also to be rumored of having a curved screen on which the use will be able to write with s pen. However the surity of the iris scanner comes from the news that the korean manufacturer patron has recently won a bid to which all of those sensors would be supplied.

Howover there is nothing said on this from the officials. Looks like the company will put an clear light to the specifications on august 2 in Newyork which is rumored date for the special event from samsung for the revelation of the flagships.

Well whatever would be the official features of the galaxy note 7 but these alleged rumors have caught the attention of the users in in terms of looks as well as that iris scanner in it.

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