Saturday, 25 June 2016

Hack iphone easily 2016

What's happening guys, this is Akshay and today I'm going to tell you to hack iphone easily.

Take the suspect's iphone and enter password 1234 and *BOOM* Your phone will vibrate that's all you can access their phones - Just Kidding , it's not that easy

Follow the easy steps:

1. Take the locked iphone and press the home button to launch Siri.

2. Now say Remind Me and siri will ask about what you want to be reminded about ?

3. Now say To eat Mc Donalds Burger.

4. Now siri will show you the reminder, you just have to click that reminder and it will take you to reminder app.

5. Now long press Mc Donalds Burger and click on select all option.

6. After tapping select all option it will show some more options, now click Share and select Messages and it will take you to message application.
7. Now enter any random characters in To: , like ssss and press return from keyboard, now you see that ssss turns green.

8. Now tap that green ssss and it will take you into contacts app, now click Create new contact.

9. After clicking create new contact click on add photo and then click choose photo.

10. *BOOM* you entered the gallery, now press home button and now you can access the iphone without entering any passcode.

Please do give it a try on someone's phone like your Girlfriend, boyfriend, mom, dad, sister anyone.
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