Friday, 17 June 2016

[how to] Fix Flickering Screen Error in Windows 10

So you just upgraded to the latest version of windows that is windows 10 and getting a flickering screen error and you thinking what to so with it? Well so there is an solution to this error so if you are new window 10 users or have been using from much time and have started getting windows 10 flickering error then follow this post to get rid of the error.

Flickering screen error can be very annoying when you are doing any sort of work on windows and if its important then its hell irritating. So below we have comolete guide on how to fix the error.

#How to Fix Flickering Screen error in Windows 10
» Go to windows search box and search for misconfig  a window tool which is used to change startup functions
» Now you have to to go to the service tab and disable the below two services
Problem Reports and Solution Control Panel
•Windows Error Reporting Service.
» Restart the computer and you wont be anymore getting flickering screen error in window 10

Any more queries related to this error or windows 10, comment below.

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