Tuesday, 7 June 2016

How to turn on Developers Option, Usb Debugging and Oem Unlock in Android

You people must have ready many time about enabling the developers option or usb debugging in many android guides but do you know how to enable them?  Well good if you do and great if you dont because in this post you will learn that step step. 

I have given the step by step guide for all the three options in an easy way so make sure you read all of them and enable them easily

#How to enable Developers Option
1.Go to settings of your android device
2.click on about phone and scroll to bottom
3.Now touch on build number for 7 times non stoo
4.A message will flash that you are now an developer
5.No above about phone option you will start getting developer option go and enable it

#How to Enable usb debugging
1.Go to setting»  Developer options
2.Find usb debugging option
3.check on it and enable it
4.Now you have succesfully enabled usb debugging

#How to enable Oem Unlock
1.Go to settings» Developers option
2.Search for Oem unlocking option
3.Enable it by checking next to it
Now you have enabled developers option, usb debugging and oem unlocking succesfully in your android device.

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