Friday, 17 June 2016

[steps]Install Android N preview 4 on Nexus 6

As you all are aware that now the preview 4 for android N has been released for various nexus devices and now the preview is also available for nexus 6 device. Users can easily install the preview on your nexus 6 and update the nexus 6 to android N developer preview 4.

The update to the preview comes with new features and more stability. The preview has been released for many nexus devices and nexus 6 is one of the. We will use sdk to install the preview 4 on nexus 6.

The download link for the android N preview 4 has been given at the end of the download. Make sure you download it from there and follow the guide of how to install it.

#How to Install Android N Preview 4 on Nexus 6
1.Download android sdk and install it in your windows pc
2.Open the android sdk manager and locate ptalform-tools, this is the place where you have to kept the download package of preview4
3.Keep the folder open and proceed forward
4.Enable Usb debugging on your device
» Enable usb debugging and developera option
5.Update the drivers of Nexus 6 on your windows Pc
6.Reboot device in fastboot mode and Connect the nexus 6 to your windows Pc
7.Download the preview 4 package of android N, extract it and kept it in the platform-tool folder mentioned above
8.Go to platform-tools folder and launch flash-all.bat script of android N preview 4
9.confirm to flash and leave the nexus 6 idle till flashing it complete
10.Reboot the device and enjoy preview 4 android N on your Nexus 6

#Download Links
Preview 4 Android N for Nexus 6

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