Friday, 24 June 2016

Top 10 best Android apps 2016

We are in 2016, and here are the best 10 android applications you might find useful throughout this year. Just for clarification none of the application sponsor me to put them in this blog. This is all honest opinion here and I truly use all these applications in my day to day use.

Here goes the list of Top 10 best Android apps of 2016 :


So backdrops is a wallpaper application, usually a wallpaper application on android is a bunch of images grabbed from google but Backdrops is different. Developers have designed each of the wallpaper themselves. To me they are beautiful and give my phone a whole new look.


Native Clipboard helps you to copy and paste faster, when you double tap on any text a window will pop-up with a list of words you can paste. Very convenient.


Portal makes it easier to send files from your computers to your phones.
On your computer go to and then using your phone tap on scan and then scan the QR code from the website, from there you will connect and you can just drag and drop files from your computers to phones. So no more cables or any special codes to get your data on phones.


This is a password manager. It is completely free with no subscription fees and it allows you to store more important information and not just your password or credit card information. It allows you to store login, computer information, a licence such as driving licence or a software licence that you bought, a secure note such as your family secret recipe or an important moment of your life you want to remember. If you are travelling you can note your flight details, hotel reservation or finally any other random information.

It is extremely secure and you don't have to worry about hackers as it does have military grade encryption and your data is saved only on your device not on any servers or websites.


How many of your contacts in your phone have contact image? Maybe 20%, that's ok
Micopi generates geometric images based on your contacts name for each contact on your phone. Each person has a unique picture and you are not hounding people for the photos.

For this download micopi, select automatic mode and then missing pictures and *BOOM*


This is a great application for those who are taking some sort of maths class, this is basically a calculator that answers your equations for basic maths, pre algebra, algebra, trigonometry, pre-calculus, calculus, statistics, finite math, linear algebra and chemistry. Its very easy to use, just choose the subject at the top and enter the equation or you can also use the camera feature to take a picture of the equation and it will figure out what the equation is. You can also choose the way to solve the equation and that is pretty awesome.


This application speaks out your notifications through you speakers, headset or bluetooth connected device. Just open the application and enable it and your phone will begin to speak out your notifications. You can also disable annoying applications from being read.


Ever heard of 360 panaromas well this app is filled with them from different places all around the world. Each panaroma is of high quality and you can look for exotic places as you were really there. Its better to use a VR headset or a google cardboard as it actually feels you are there.


You must have heard of khan academy before so I'll cut to the chase. If you want to learn more about any school related subject Khan Academy is good to go with as they show videos related to topics and articles for subject such as math, science, history, art, etc


As you can tell from the title of this app ADV Screen Recorder is a detail screen recorder of your phone, it doesn't require root and it allows you to have face came when you are recording the screen. Its simple to use, just tap on the start button. You can tap the clock in status bar and draw live on your screen. Once its finished it will appear in your gallery.

So these are the 10 applications you should definitely try out in this year 2016.
Hope you like it. Please do comment your views and experience over these apps.
Thank you

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