Wednesday, 27 July 2016

How to Play Pokemon go without travelling anywhere

Now play Pokemon go just by sitting at a place ,yes not moving a bit by tricking your android gps and the game.This trick requires rooted device,so if you dont have to rooted device,go back from the posts or just root your phone right away.By this trick you will be able to use the game and catch the virtual pokemon right away while relaxing at your bed.

Not everyone loves to travel while playing pokemon go game so there is a trick so that you exaust less and stay safe lol . Below we have share all the requirements for this game and how to activate the trick to enjoy the game at a single place.

1.Rooted Android device runnig android 4.4 kikat or above
2.Pokemon Go gme installed
3.Xposed framework module instaalled
4.Download > Pokemon go Joystick Module .apk
5.Download Hide Mock Location Module 

#What is Pokemon Go Joystick and why do we need it ?
As we all know that pokemon Go uses your gps to move forward the character in the game so Pokemon Joystick will let the user move from one place to another instantly and moreover you can save that place and continue the game from same spot next time you turn it on 

#How to Play Pokemon Go without Travelling? 
1.You should have xposed and pokemon joystick installed.
2.Turn on the mock location options
3.Open exposed and activate the Pokemon Joystick and Hide mock location module
4.Now restart your phone
5.Open the app drawer and select the game
6.Switch on toggle master switch and choose pace of moving the character
7.Tap on pen/close joy stick and launch pokemon go game and start playing
8.Now you are ready to play pokemon go without travelling 

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